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Fi 'n' Andy
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In the glorious tradition of taking people's comments completely out of context, here's what our audience has to say about us.

About Fi:

"Mind-mangling" - bistokids
"Sickening and raw and poetic" - jamie_dakin
"Cracktastic" - talcat
"Very, very twisted, and very, very good" - antimorph
"Sheer glorious insanity" - rionaleonhart
"Wonderfully creepy" - emeriin
"Dark and effed up and fantastic" - effulgentnida
"You are an evil, evil person, do you know that?" - neuralclone
"Insaneohyayprettypornfortheloveofgodwesnuggleyou" - randysugardaddy
"Hot, in a wrong kind of way" - lozenger8
"You are cruel and twisted" - hambelandjemima
"Thank you for melting my brain, again! Let's do it again sometime soon. ;)" - iko
"very dark and twisted and kinda brilliant" - mellaithwen
"Just too damn evil!" - amberwind
"Mindfuckery is not supposed to come with a side order of sweets" - draycevixen
"Fi? I'm sure I've heard of her." - Andy

About Andy:

"Fabulously twisted" - pink_bagels
"Brilliantly psychotic" - wiccagal_1996
"Intense and deeply unsettling" - flurblewig
"Utterly depraved. Utterly dark. Utterly brilliant." - precious_rosie
"Like something ripped from the darkside of Lewis Carroll's mind" - liquorishflame
"Disturbing as hell" - kirsteena
"Iz very very bad. And twisted. And evial." - ausmac
"The queen of creepifying!" - sytaxia
"So snarky and delicious" - trillingstar
"Quite sick and twisted, my dear" - lozenger8
"Evilly weird (or is it weirdly evil?) in a evil and weird way" - sealgirl
"It's official.... you're nuts" - kittiy
"what are you on, just as a matter of interest?" - heliophile_oxon
"Your mind goes to the strangest, darkest, and most wonderful places, you know" - sytaxia
"THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL, SICK THING **EVAIR**. And so is your story!" - chamekke
"I did not write fic with that woman" - Fi


"Fi and Andy write well-articulated poison shot straight into your jugular; the first hit's free, but after that you soon find out you'll be paying, and paying, and paying..." - jantalaimon

"I'm always a little careful about looking in your journal, because you can never be sure what's lurking." - hambelandjemima

"Some say, if you let them near a keyboard, you only have yourself to blame when your brain dribbles out your ears a few hours later. All we know is, they're called fiandyfic." - jantalaimon

""I did not find this disturbing. Clearly, I've been corrupted by you evil twins ;)" - liquorishflame

"Be careful when you read their stuff. They have been known to break many a mind." - culf

"You two always seem to have this ability to make me feel as if I've been hit over the head! - bistokids

"You are so cruel. You know you are. You LOVE you cruel, evil, murderous, tortorous...oh wait, that's almost like foreplay. Never mind." - mikes_grrl

"Seriously, fire bad, tree pretty, you broke my brain." - wiccagal_1996

"EVIL, evil, evil... do it again! eep!" - draycevixen

"I'm begining to get this strange mental image of you two dressed up as mad scientists holding lOM and Dr.Who captive, creating strange twisted and very smexhsy experiments O.O" - randysugardaddy

"I could point you in the direction of fiandyfic but that would probably break your brains." - burkesworks

"I read their user-info page ... they sound scary ..." - aunt_zelda

Our full list of fic can be found Here. (Un)Happy Reading!!!