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The Life on Mars Anonymous Pornfest

Please Note: I've declared the Pornfest over (as I can't be bothered to keep the prompt list up-to-date!) So any new prompts posted will be deleted. However, I do encourage you to post any anon fic in response to the existing prompts and comment on the lovely responses that we've already got.

Can I also ask that, if you write a response to a prompt and am quite willing to do so under your own name, that you leave a comment on the "Other Responses" list so I can add it there (and also update the Life on Mars Porn List...)

Other Responses to the Pornfest Prompts


@ Anonymously post a request for a fic you've always wanted to read about, but were too shy to ask for/write it yourself.

@ Others will anonymously reply to your request with a story. The story can be any length. Size doesn't matter. (No, really!)

@ You can write as many stories as you like. If someone has already written a story for a request, you can still write one too! The requester is hardly going to mind. ;)

@ You can make as many requests as you like, but the rule of thumb is to fulfill a request for each one you make yourself. But it's OK to just request too. We just don't want the meme to stagnate!

@ Do keep in mind that ALL POSTING MUST BE ANONYMOUS. Any non-anonymous posts will be deleted. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

@ This is a sex-meme, which means we're generally expecting you to request something sex-related. It doesn't necessarily have to be sexual, but it does have to be something more than just a pairing. Details = love.

@ Play nice! Personal attacks will be deleted, as will non-constructive criticism (aka flaming). There's a risk of trolling with anything allowing people to post anonymously, so please, please DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Ignore the requests you don't like. Make one you do like instead. ;)

@ Finally, it would be useful if you could title your comments either "Request", "Fic" or "Feedback" so it's easier for those of us who just want to read the ensuing hot smut. ;)

@ Even more finally, have fun!!!


- Don't worry about logging out.
- Just click 'post comment' or 'reply to this post', and select 'more options'.
- Select to post anonymously.
- Tada! That should work.

The Tarts

- Sam/Gene, bath time with a rubber duck
Response 1
- Gene has a fetish
Response 1
Response 2
Response 3 - Greasepaint
- Annie in a nun's habit is more than Gene can stand
Response 1 – A Bad Habit
Response 2
- Ray in a nun's habit is more than someone (NOT Chris) can stand
Response 1
- Annie and Ruth Tyler in red hot lesbo action
Response 1 - Part One, Part Two, Part Three.
- Full-office orgy. Invite Nelson. Perps OK. No Ruth, no Vic
Response 1
- Hookerverse!Sam finds Hookerverse!Gene chained up in an abandoned warehouse by escaping crims
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Chris, incest
Response 1
- Hookerverse!Sam finds Hookerverse!Phyllis chained up in an abandoned warehouse by escaping crims
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Gene is drugged by crims and fed an aphrodisiac. He is desperately aroused by the time Sam comes to his rescue
Response 1
Response 2
Response 3 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
- Sam/Gene, dubious consent & angst following news of Harry Woolf's death
Response 1
- Ray has been dreaming about Nelson
Response 1
Response 2
- Phyllis has been dreaming about Gene and Annie
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Annie and Chris get trapped in the lift. Chris' first time
Response 1
- Ray needs to be spanked as he's been a bad boy. Prefer it to be administered by Sam, but really fine if done by anyone except Chris
Response 1
- Sam/Gene. Whoever is bottoming needs and/or wants an enema and finds they really rather enjoy the experience more than they expected. Rinse and repeat
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Hurt Phyllis; het comfort
Response 1
- Ray/Male character of your choice. Food sex involving angel delight (you can choose the flavour...), rimming and some light spanking
Response 1 - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Coda
- Ray/Annie with Annie showing her more dominant side
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam/Gene - with Gene in an army uniform
Response 1
- Crims leave Gene and Sam naked locked up in a freezer
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Ruth and Vic have sex. Sam is watching
Response 1
- Sam/Annie cum together, at last!
Response 1
- Sam wonders why Warren's rentboy is the only other person he's seen in 1973 who shares his preference for leather jackets and tight trousers; Gene has an obvious suggestion. Roleplay ensues
Response 1 - Let's Play Coppers and Rent-boys - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam/Gene. Dominant Gene and submissive Sam. Spanking/punishment/dirty talk
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
- Someone else is solving crimes in Manchester! Sam and Gene track down a van load of meddling kids and end up having an orgy with them. Scooby gets to watch
Response 1 - A Shaggy Tail
- Ray/Gene, and a case of 'certain death awaits!' and some hero-worship...
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Gene/Sam. One of them visits a seedy gay porn cinema and much to his shock discovers the other there as well. Filthy stuff happens when the lights are down.
Response 1 - Part One, Part Two
- Sam and a vampire, but the vampire's not interested in killing.
Response 1
- Sam/Gene. Watersports. Curious, nervous, consensual. And no swimming pools!
Response 1 - Helping Hand Part 1, Part 2. Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
- Crossover. LoM/New Who. Gene/Master, whom he's mistaken for Sam
Response 1
- Dominant Gene gives submissive Sam a punishment fuck for his own good. While Sam is not happy about it, he accepts that it is necessary
Response 1
Response 2
- Sam/Gene rimming fic. Graphic, nothing disgusting though - I don't need to hear about bodily functions. Any genre you want. Don't care who's on the receiving end
Response 1
Response 2 - Flavours
- Someone (a man, not a woman) has a strong hold over Gene that could ruin him if it was found out. They want a night with Sam in return for their silence, with Gene being made to watch. Gene/Sam can be in a relationship already or not.
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Gene/Cortina: that's it, thought that would be enough
Response 1 - Taken for a Ride - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam/Annie. Watersports. Consensual
Response 1 - In the Cupboard - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam is Gene's dirty slut for the evening
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
- Sam/Gene. Sam waking Gene up in the morning
Response 1
- Explicit Sam/Gene/Ray/Chris foursome
Response 1
- Gene finds Sam tied to his bed. Sex happens. (must be consenting!)
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
Crossdressing: any slash pairing you want
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2.
- Sam/Gene in one of the cells. Kinky and as rough as you want but not non-con. Bonus points for handcuffs
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam/Gene - one of them has amnesia, the other one takes advantage.
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Sam/Gene - Sam gives Gene a lesson in stealth. Public hand-job or blowjob (but feel free to go as far as you want)
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2
- Gene gets all pissy and bent out of shape when Sam flirts with a rich businessman with a flash car (yeah, shades of A2A). It should be fast and hard when Sam and Gene finally get together...the steamier the better!
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
- VERY Dominant Gene/Eventually Submissive Sam - He told him he was King of the Jungle, but he wouldn't listen. Now he has to learn his lesson the hard way. Dubious consent. Humiliation, dirty talk, spanking, bondage (handcuffs, gagging), hell, anything you can think of! Make Sam cry (shouldn't be too difficult...)
Response 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
- Sam/Frank Morgan. Non con.
Response 1

The Virgins

- Chris meets a nice bloke named Vic Tyler - pre - 1x08
- Hookerverse!Sam's very first client after the first night's gang bang. Not just a blow-job
- Sam/Gene, French vocabulary lesson
- Phyllis has a side job as a dominatrix. She is very surprised to meet her new client
- Sam/Gene: involving the use of body piercing, extra points for a Prince Albert
- Angry!Sam and somewhat!reluctant!Gene: although not non-con, please! A little bit of pushing Gene past his boundaries (maybe he's never been topped before; maybe he's never given a blowjob before, maybe there's another person Sam wants to involve) for past transgressions would be awesome.
- Chris is working in the Met and has to go undercover as a rent boy. He calls on hookerverse!Sam for some tuition
- Gene/Sam, set in one of Sam's old residences he recalls from growing up (such as in S1.04). Ivanhoe walks in on them, and all is awkward
- Sam/Gene, first-time. Sam wants Gene to show him exactly what he'd like Sam to do to him. Mutual masturbation but no penetration, please
- Gene/Ray. Ray has been shot/stabbed/whumped/beaten up/run over/you can what you like to him as long as it's mean....and he's laid up recovering. Gene is horny and frustrated. So Ray makes Gene recount his best, hottest, shagadelic fantasy. Whimpering ensues.
- Gene/Chris, in Gene's office
- Crossover. Blackpool/LoM. Peter Carlisle joins the team and he gets close to Sam. Bonus points if handcuffs get used
- Scary meta fic: the combined comm members finally get their hands on Sam and Gene... will the boys survive unscathed?
- Sam/Gene. Felching is on the menu
- Sam runs into Spike and Angelus. They have their way with him, but let him live.
- Sam/Gene. Wax play
- Dom!Sam/reluctant sub!Gene, spanking.
- Just who is athletic enough to suck his own cock, and who is watching?
- Sam!bukkake, involving any other and as many male characters as you wish. Please include Gene and Ray
- Gene masturbating in front of a mirror
- A2A/LoM crossover: Alex/Annie
- Cruel!Bastard!Gene manipulates Sam into anal which Sam is reluctant to do, but does. Gene dumps him after he's got what he wants (Sam's virginity). Must be consensual but it could be seen as dubious con due to manipulative!Gene.
- Ray/Whomever you like. Felching
- NCIS/LoM crossover. Gibbs/Gene
- Sam/Gene. Master and Servant (don't care who's who)
- Gene/Sam: Gene gets a bellyrub



Feb. 7th, 2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
Fic. Part 2
Sam’s hips moved of their own accord and Sam shut his eyes, letting the inevitable happen.

He felt Gene shift closer to his thigh but he didn’t once touch him.

“God, I’d ‘av you, Sammy. Yeah. I’d have you like this. Handcuffed. For bein’ a dirty, naughty little boy. For so obviously tryin’ to seduce yer superior officer with yer tight arse every day, nice and round and juicy, so fuckin’ tight.. I’d have that arse, Tyler. Not at first. I’d tie you up so I knew exactly where you were, laid out for me, then I’d straddle yer ‘ead and watch you suck my cock. I’ve got a big cock, Sam, so I’d hold your head and guide yer. Don’t want you choking – well, not yet. We’d moved onto teachin’ yer how to deep throat next time. Once I’m nice and hard and you’ve done what I think is an acceptable job, and I’ve stroked yer pink lips with my dick, all that pre-cum spread over yer lips and chin so yer look like a filthy slut... dirty boy…”

Sam was delirious, insane, bursting with pleasure and thrusting upwards desperately, silently begging Gene for more.

“Then, Tyler, I reckon I’d move down, and spread your legs, open you up so you can take me, ‘cause like I said Sammy, I av’ a big dick, understand? I’d lube me cock, nice and wet, and slide into your tight little hole, fill you aaaaaallll the way up…” Gene dragged out the last bit, running his fingertips over Sam’s thigh…

“I’d shift and let yer take it, feel it, cock all the way inside you, my cock, because you’re mine, and then I’d move. Slowly. Until you begged. I’d wait till yer begged for some dick, till you were sobbin’ with need to be fucked like a whore, then I’d ‘av you. I’d fuck you, Sam. I’d fuck you so fuckin’ hard. Your head’s gonna spin, boy, you won’t know what’s goin’ on, as I slam into you, balls slapping hard, fuckin’ your tight little arse which is mine, understand Sammy? I’d make you my dirty beautiful little slut-”

Sam came hard with sweating covering his brow, his face screwed up and his body a shaking, cum-covered mess, absolutely knackered and so fucking hot, and turned on, and desperate for Gene’s words to become actions in the very near future.

Gene chuckled knowingly just like he has done earlier, and took out a Marlboro.


“Aye, I know, lad. No problem. Any time. I intend to do everythin’ I said so don’t get yer panties twisted. You can thank Cartwright tomorrow.”

“I –you -”

“Annie rang me to say you needed some assistance. Clever lass, that one.”
Feb. 8th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Fic. Part 2
Crikey. That's *hot*.

Oooh, and I just bet Sam is going to get the fucking of his life...

I'll be in me bunk!
Mar. 5th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
Re: Fic. Part 2
Oh my! Yes!