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Grand Fic List

Life on Mars


Triptych (Gen, PG-13): Containing:
- Replication
- Full Circle
The Sleeping Man, (Gen, PG, 900 words)
Labyrinth (Gen, 15, 3,300 words)
Hotel California (Sam/Annie, 18, 3000 words, for the 2007 Ficathon)
The Northwich Horror (Mild Sam/Annie, 18, 2,050 words, warnings for horror, written for the flashfic All Hallows' Eve Challenge)
spook_me 2007 Hallowe'en Challenge Fic
- 2007: Voodoo Child (Mild Sam/Annie, 18, 9,050 words)
- 2008: Dark Side of the Moon (Mild Sam/Annie, Sam/OFC, 18, 10,650 words)
After Dark (Sam/Test Card Girl, 18, 400 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest, no actual sex)
Judder (Gen, 18, 1,620 words, spoilers for the first episode of Ashes to Ashes)
Sword of Damocles (Gen, 18, 1,200 words, Character Death)

Two Pints of Bitter and a Pickled Egg, (Gen, PG-13, 600 words) The official "Self-insertion Mary Sue Pint Trick" fic. This is a warning.
The Santa Hat (Gen, PG-13, 300 words)
A Different Class, (Gen, PG, drabble)
Enclosed Space (Gen, drabble, PG, written for the "Enclosed Space" Challenge at 1973flashfic.)
Bored (Test Card Girl/Sock Puppet (Sorry…), 18, 600 words, for the 1973flashfic Puppet Challenge)
Future Perfect (more fluff, Sam/Gene, 12, 400 words)
Stage Fright (Gen, PG, 700 words, written for the 1973flashfic Clothes Challenge)
Sleeping Beauty (Gen, PG, 990 words, written for the 1973flashfic Beauty Challenge, extreme crack)
The Dancer (Gen, 12, 2,000 words, written for the 1973flashfic Clothes Challenge. Crack)
Dinner and Dance (Sam/Gene, 18, 1,650 words, sequel to The Dancer)
Give Us a F**king Clue (Gen, 15, 2,200 words, for the Double Genre Challenge)
Here Comes Sammy (Gen, 15, 1,300 words Life on Mars / Bod)
Man, I Feel Like a Woman (Sam/Annie, 18, 2,000 words, Crack – genderswap)
Woman, I Feel Like a Man (Sam/Gene/Annie, Sam/Gene, 18, 3,500 words, sequel to Man, I Feel Like a Woman)
Hunt and Tyler (deceased) (Gen, 15, 5,240 words, technical character death)

Hell and Heaven (Sam/Gene, Sam/Annie, Hard 18, pair of matching ficlets)
More Than Words (Sam/Gene, 18, 1,050 words, for the 1973flashfic Words Challenge)
Love is Blind (Sam/Gene, 18, 550 words, written for the 1973flashfic Senses Challenge)
Chocolate Fic:
- Never Tasted Before (Sam/Gene, 15, 850 words)
- Without Ruining Your Appetite (Sam/Gene, 15, 900 words)
- Melts in Your Mouth (Not in Your Hand) (Sam/Gene, 18, 1,120 words)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Sam/Annie/Gene, 18, 700 words)
Needful Things (Sam/various, 18, 1,150 words, explicit sex, warning for implied incest)
Spanish Flying Lessons (CID Orgy, 18, 500 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest)
Corporal Punishment, Major Embarrassment (Sam/Ray, 18, 700 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest, spanking)
Going Dutch (Annie/Ruth, 18, 1,900 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest)
Locker Room Liturgy (Sam/Ray, 18, 650 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest)
Taken For a Ride (Gene/Cortina, 18, 770 words, for the Anonymous Pornfest, car!sex)
Tailor-Made (Sam/Ray, 18, 616 words)
Dressing Down (Sam/Gene, 18, 690 words)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Sam/Annie/Phyllis, Gene, 18, 1,480 words, pegging, BDSM)
Aggressive Male Affection Sam/Gene, 18, dub-con)

Virtues (Gen, PG): Containing:
- Faith, (Gen, PG, 1600 words)
- Hope (Gen, PG, 850 words)
- Charity
Deptford Dreams (Gen ficlet, PG, written for the 1973flashfic Secrets Challenge)
Family (AU, Gen, 15, 900 words)
Pokerface (Gen, PG, 230 words, for the 1973flashfic Tension Challenge)
The Man Who Sold the World (Fix-it Fic, Gen, PG-13, 3,000 words)
Ten Seconds That Saved A Fandom A series of 2.08 missing scenes, in effect fix-it fics. (Gen, PG) (Also posted here)
- Ten Seconds Sam finds something.
- Ten More Seconds Sam realises something.
- Another Ten Seconds Sam is told something.
Life is a Dream (Fluff, Sam/Gene, 15, 1,300 words)
The Lies Most Easily Told (Sam/Annie, PG, 40 words, for the 1973flashfic Lies Challenge)
What Are Friends For? (Gen, PG 900 words, written for constance_b for the martianholiday 2008 fic exchange)
Miscommunication (Sam/Gene, 18, 750 words, written for the 1973flashfic Miscommunication Challenge)
Misunderstanding (Sam/Gene, 18, 1,400 words, written for the 1973flashfic Drink, Drugs, Danger Challenge, sequel to Miscommunication)
I Can't Change, But I'm Trying (Gen, PG, 321 words, written for the 1973flashfic Minor Characters Challenge)
How Sam Tyler Lost His Virginity (Slash, 18, 740 words, for Fi)
Not A Coward (Gen, PG, 800 words, spoilers for 1.01, themes of suicide, written for the 1973flashfic Fear Challenge)
Träumerei (Gen, PG, 1,410 words, for the 2008 Ficathon)
Re: Mondo (Gen, PG, 1,000 words, for the 2008 Ficathon)
The Santa Claus Affair (Gene/Sam, Ray/Missus, PG, 1,000 words, for the martianholiday 2009 fic exchange)
He's a Rotten Kind of Cute (Slash, 18, 340 words, for the 1973flashfic zombie challenge. Note that this should properly fall under horror, crack AND PWP, so it's been stuck here. You have been warned.)


And They All Lived Happily Ever After (Gen, PG, 1,800 words, for the 2007 Ficathon)


That's Life, On Cars (Life on Mars / Top Gear cross-over, PG, 8,800 words)
A Compleat History of Computers, according to Chris Skelton (Gen, PG, 2,540 words for the 2007 ficathon)
Give and Take (Sam/Annie/Gene, 18, 3,450 words, warnings for explicit sex)
The Santa Claus Affair (Gene/Sam, 15, 900 words, for the martianholiday 2008 Fic Exchange)

Velvet Underground (Hard 18, warning for incest, non-con, Vic/Ruth/Sam, Ruth/Sam, Ruth/Sammy) Complete.
- Prologue: Sunday Morning (290 words, Andy)
- Set 1: Venus in Furs (1,300 words, Fi)
- Set 2: Beginning to See the Light (1,800 words, Fi)
- Set 3a: I'm Set Free (900 words, Fi, the "happy" ending)
- Set 3b: I'll Be Your Mirror (1,300 words, Andy, the "unhappy ending")
- Voyeurism (375 words, Andy, for the Anonymous Pornfest, an interlude set between the prologue and 1.)

The Hookerverse (AU, 18, featuring Hooker!Sam, Pimp!Phyllis and Enforcer!Gene, yeah. I know.) Complete.
Full list of fic here.

Co-written with Janni

The Psycho!Sam-atic Cycle (Hard NC-17, Sam/Chris. Sort of - it's an exercise in how sick you can be when other people are egging you on. Answer turns out to be pretty damn sick.) Complete.
Full list of fic here.

Five Alternate Uses Annie Had For Her Stinger (Gen, Challenge, 645 words, crack.)
Five Times Annie Caught Gene and Sam Doing the Nasty (Slash, Sam/Gene, NC-17, 1,125 words)

Doctor Who


Three Little Pigs (PG, Gen, Ninth Doctor)
Utopia (NC-17, Master/Doctor, PWP, 230 words)
Blink (NC-17, Master/Doctor, PWP, 666 words, BDSM, Non-Con)


Humanity (PG-13, Harry/Lucy, 344 words)
Continuation of Humanity (R, Harry/Lucy)
Five Times Harry Ruined Lucy's Underwear (NC-17, Harry/Lucy, dubious consent, 1,648 words)
And One Time He Didn't (R, Harry/Lucy, Sequel to Five Times Harry Ruined Lucy's Underwear, 887 words)
Loyalty and Love (Snippet, PG, Harry/Lucy)
Untitled (Snippet, PG)
RTFM (Crack, abuse of the Evil Overlords Handbook, 15, Doctor/Master, 1,509 words)
And Tardis Makes Three (Crack, sequel to RTFM 15, Doctor/Master, 2,210 words)

Doctor Who/Life on Mars
Use My Name (Cross-over with the Hookerverse, NC-17, Sam/Master, 1,123 words)
Mirror Image (Sequel to Use My Name, Cross-over with the Hookerverse, NC-17, Sam/Master, 1,123 words)
Someone to Care For (Alternate ending to Use My Name, Cross-over with the Hookerverse, NC-17, Sam/Master, 1,026 words)

Ashes to Ashes

Not Waving But Drowning, by Andy, Sam/Gene, crossover with Life on Mars, PG-13, 550 words
The Red Queen, by Andy, Gene/Alex, 15, 1000 words, for the picfor1000 challenge community.


Untitled (Coffee/Monitor), by Fi, R, 100 words.
Accountancy Porn (Debit/Credit), by Andy, PG-13, 168 words.
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Cornflake/Milk), by Andy, R, 150 words.

The Professionals

Denial (Is Not Just a River in Egypt) by Andy, 15, 1,400 words, for the discoveredinalj Summer Holiday Challenge.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Andy, 15, Bodie/Doyle, 8,500 words, for the discoveredinalj Discovered Whilst Carolling Challenge. Crack.
Penpusher, Gunslinger, ... by Andy, 18, Bodie/Doyle, triple drabble, for the discoveredinalj Discovered on a Harddrive Challenge.
Something Borrowed... by Andy, PG, Bodie/Doyle unrequited, Doyle/Female, 1,500 words for the discoveredinalj Wedding Challenge.
Matchmaker by Andy, PG, Bodie/Doyle implied, Bodie/Female, 2,300 words, for the discoveredinalj Fanon/Canon Challenge.
Beyond Light by Andy and cuvalwen, PG, Bodie/Doyle, 3,000 words, Twilight/Pros crossover. Crack. For the discoveredinalj Discovered in a Christmas Stocking Challenge.
Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall by Andy, Adult, Bodie/Doyle, 33,000 words. Angst. Link goes to first part.
Any Other World by Andy, PG13, Bodie/Cowley, Bodie/Doyle, 17,000 words. More angst, sequel to Kitty Fisher's The Pillory. Written for the 2010 Pros Big Bang


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